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on: February 10, 2022, 06:02:57 AM
Hear me now. I am the Sister of Lady Esther's mother; a Greywood in name and spirit, but thrust from the hearth by my tragically perished father.

I stand before you on marble-renewed, scored of alleydust and lichen by the dense hand of Proclus, that humble saint.

In exordium, at the brink of this ancient site lingers a God: the Lady-in-Waiting perched upon a precipice of forlorn hope. Worshipful House Nephezar held a torch for the requisite day her lax-duty husband would return.

Thus, her image was made, like a faithful beagle or soft-eared ass: a contrite figurine, interlard with insipid pleas and pleasing sorrow for hapless Knights and dour Dames to shave their sin upon.

They and their companies deduced a romantic article to pin upon this God--her effigy's bleak gaze into an empty horizon, their pale thoughts and meagre soulswork did parade in accord.

Promised manumission from her heartswoe by an unproven returning... This God, long ago, turned away from the vast pit at her feet, bearing no sea for on which her lover would sail again.

An unrequited love, a broken promise: not kept, not honoured.

It is my purpose, now, to correct the sign by which this God is known, and face her inward again; so that she may gaze within, not without.

Then, you--you who carries spear or sword, lace or mink, hoe or quill and blot--go before her Requited gaze and bare your contemptible spirit, to be refined without patronization. Merit alone will secure your favor, anon.

The Ward of Peers is a dough, risen by the tumult of a quick leavening strife, holy and unmitigated. I have said once before and I will enunciate again:

Like you once held a fashionable scorn for the changeling, left away in the absence of the Royal Archivist's true-bent merits, now the bits are champed for the Prince's camp, those soulless pities. Or the Count's blood, that poisonous font.

It is, however, a distraction contrived to misapplicate your perfectible engines of valour and sanctimonious internecine strife that is the very warp and weft of this Ring's Lordspeople and Kingsubects.

Know you... [Her tone darkens.] How I have strode across the endless, encircling shores of the Nothing's terminus in those nearby Rings, and seen its tides... such as they can be seen. No city is sieged without ample water, and I call you to slake your thirst in the well of virtuous satisfactions.

When your antagonist deplores the concrete, one must become entirely crystalline, opaque, and impenetrable like an outcropping of iron-rich basalt, against which the wind wracks, impuissant.

That! That is the Ward of the Peerage--has been all-since, and will be ever-more. Dorvant's spur, and unhinging spike of real and manly igneous rock whose operatives cast aspersions on vain abstractions. At your very core is the price of slavery, and Dorvant paid the ante.

[Niobe's words ring out.] Now, you must, with /interest/, pay the price for freedom with the grit of power-expressed.

The future and the tortuous routes of tradition are vast and are there to be trod. Despair is yet another vanity. House Orza, a welcome injection among the Great Houses, though abject in its ways, was meant to galvanize your pride by mirroring it, darkly.

Pride is your sword.

In peroration, I announce the commencement of a Vestry-rebuilt. House Belmore, House Greywood, and Great House Moonspear extend a branch, yet-unwithered by cruel winter.

When the Petrathete Proclus has concluded his fervent work upon Dusk's Cradle, he will labor to erect with fallen brick and singed timber a new roof for the righteous discourses, and tending rotten spirits.

The only residents of that apse will be the needy and splayed, and sermons may be proper-made by those who know best the podium's application.

Lady Belmore and the Reverend Alden Greywood will coordinate the details of funding the restoration and recruiting a workforce of yeomen and craftspeople of worth.
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