Battle of the Dragons nwn pvp module (Old School Style)

Started by One_With_Nature, March 11, 2012, 12:59:27 PM

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I should clarify as this is a very old thread - this is a chill PvP nwn module, that is very similar to DOTA/LOL - 2 dragons, 3 lanes fighting it out until one of the dragons is slain. Had a good amount of interest so far ideally I would like 5 v 5 or more, aiming to run this tonight GMT in like 5 hours ish from now. Feel free to join the discord channel anyone is welcome.

Good way to learn some PvP too.


I'll throw this up while efu is down if people want to mess around. Server will be BOTD - EFU (no password).

This will decide who the pvp master of efu is.