Figik Fiegrsonr, one final gesture to my friend.

Started by efuincarnatereturns, August 27, 2022, 04:53:10 AM

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So,  Figik-  Bastard of Figan (he was not) , Captain of  Orza (Not even close) founder of the Dwarven Orzan Brigade (nope)  last surviving member of the Sons of Iron Massacre (still one out there somehwere)  has met his end.  Nothing heroic, no grand gestures or speeches.  Lost a fight, killed for being  himself.    He excelled at surviving when those around him died.   Ticker, Sons of Iron, Anglers, most of the Orzan Retainers,  half the serever in Andyrs vault., like the cockroach neigh unkillable!   But even the cockroach gets stepped on.  So it goes with Figik.    I was going to try and create the Dworza  brigade, but we all know that was doomed to never see the light of day, but a dwarfs gotta dream.    His vengeance on Dame Kingsley left unfulfilled, his high hopes crushed in a street brawl.      That was the IC Figik you all came to love or hate.  Foul mouthed, quick to violence,  full of  anger and hate, but underneath  a big softy if you got on his good side.

OOC- I apped to claim the bastard angle.  He made it all up.   He made up his own title when he found himself the most senior retainer, and as no one called him on it..he like he had done most of his life, following in the steps of a Shaper (Uld Storytellers of histories, usually false) he embellished, lied and made himself grandiose.    Survival was his main goal in life, with an eye to take the Grey keep for himself when the nothing forced all to flee kingward, which he was sure was an inevitability after Andyr's vault.

Now,  the reason I rolled up and played ole Fig, and stuck with him so long, probably well  past his expiration date, was simply this.   I missed my friend Dize.  I never got to say goodbye in any real way, and wanted to play an unconventional dwarf that would attempt to Dizes  high  level of play.  I don't think I got there by half, but it let me mention his  and my last duo  concept together, his Uld  -Figan Uld. ..and I dropped that name as much as I could,  because as long as someone is remembered, there not really gone, right?   The hurt is still there, but  it does seem somehow healed a bit by putting so much time and effort into a PC in his memory. Maybe that is silly, but ..its what I did.  I still miss you friend, I hope I made you smile with Figiks antics!

Now..the reason your all here, the Loot!  His Hammer, his prized possesion.   The rest of his gear was House issue, save his magnificent scarf. Which I do not have a screenie of. Enjoy!

Lalena Steele

Figik was a fun character.  My PC kept their distance for a long time, with him being Orzan and all, but it was fun to start to get to know him when Lalena did start questing with him.    Your reason for making him is really beautiful.


I'm sorry we could never get him that bloodshot :'(

Figik was great! A real solid PC.  He will be missed


Really well played PC. Sorry it ended the way it did, but good job none the less. Good luck on your next!
How long, Catiline, will you continue to abuse our patience?


I appreciate even the nicest Orzan was planning to one day backstab Mebril for the keep in some manner (not that you didn't demi-subtly lampshade it now and then). Figik was great fun. Sad we didn't get to get into it more. Was always rooting for you (unless it was against me, ofc)



Fig. The. Bastard.

Here's a shot of Fig helping the Druids and Sunpurse with the transformation of Phelan (not a great shot but proof!).

A week later he was burning down the Groundskeeper cabin (what a legend).

Glad we got to play together and also lock horns. I really enjoyed Rin and Fig's grudging respect for one another.


I really enjoyed interacting with Figgy on both Luna and Little Leaf. He was a great character, and showed many different facets of his personality with each interaction. He wasnt the hero type, but if he was your ally, then he was you ally. If you were his enemy, then you were his enemy. You knew where you should with Figgy.

Great tribute to Diz-e, and we miss him, especially those closure to him. 

My hat is tipped to you, and I look forward to whatever else you cook up.

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I remember Boris meeting Figik, when the Sons of Iron were cut down.... The only one to be shackled... the only one to live. Q_Q

And the quickest to sus out a good survival plan (shmooze the scummy fast talker into helping recover/loot the fallen thanes goodies...)

Ill post screenies of Figiks eulogy to the Thane when i get a chance. Was awesome rp on your part man. Loved the interactions my pcs had with Figik.

The Old Hack

I really liked Figik. :) Imogen never suspected him of anything at all. She considered him a good companion in a fight and generally reliable.

Thank you for sharing him with us, I enjoyed his company, and I hope we will see more from you!