Silverpaw, Mongrelcat Bard

Started by derkot, February 12, 2023, 01:37:52 AM

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Hello people of EFU!
So story of Silverpaw has come to end. Died in lag, died in darkness, died in shadows. But it is more important THE WAY and road that character walked. And it was very very long road.
Any sane person whould abandon this character after few months because it is monster and City of Rings was not perfect place for that kind of RP. But still, I was in love with all mongrel-lore and them in general so I have played Silverpaw as long as it was possible. There was few moments to shine, many moments of fear.

Her story of any mongrel sad, dark and bloody.
She was smarter than her sisters and brothers, she was more curious than others mongrels and wanted REBEL. She trusted no one but tried make friends. She wanted more and more. She wanted freedom and no opression to changelings. Sadly I not played it that well. But still I can't abondon things that I started.

There was A LOT OF THINGS. A LOT. MANY. VERY MANY. It is hard to remember everything really for me. Hard to remember her friends and people with whom she interacted because there was MANY people.
Still, there some key events in which she took part.

-Killing T'Chun God
-Mongrel little wars
-Being part of Bonecollectors
-Making some newspapers

I had a lot of loot, sadly, sadly, on event my pack was looted and I forgot to make screens of it but her loot was able to reach hide 40+ easily. Perhaps one of my best stealther.

A giant bow from T'chun event. Endless fire arrows, two fire arrow spells, and two times use AoE fire arrow spells. I had to RP that I need to place it in ground to start shooting. I tried!
Armor! Was granting +3 to hide/ms  from some random dm event.
Gloves! Just one day sound burst, from christmas event.
Amulet! Cat paw, from mongrel's war. More stealth, more bard slots. Darkness one use.

What else I should say...
She was somewhat a failed character from every side. She had some great moments and some have nice memories of that character. To think, I have played this character more just for others and trying add some atmosphere to EFU than just following my goals because I failed reaching my goals. I knew that I can just sit and wait when event will end then just hop on my character but I can't, it is not my style avoid permadeath important events which is important for whole server. Anyway, one bad thing that playing long time - it is easy to become attached to character and I do feel that I was little bit, but when one dies - it is opportunity for something new to grow. I hope others will remember it.

Thank you everyone!
Will see you all on my next monster!

Радостное одиночество.


Here some art from Kitten Tsu related to character.

Радостное одиночество.


It always brought a smile to my face to see Silverpaw out there, even if I could almost never *see* them.

also she put me through a table at a dispensary the one time

Empress of Neon

I relished every chance I got to interact with her. One might say she was straight up purrrrfect :3

But seriously, I remember Silverpaw as far back as the Tchuunian crisis. Just amazingly well done, and easily our longest-surviving mongrel (Congrats, you won!) in a world that was always out to get them.

A+; I only wish I got to interact with her more T.T

Don Nadie

Such a fun, if not too often seen character. You did her proud! :D


Silverpaw was the most memorable mongrel of them all! She was wonderful and I was always glad (and sometimes scared) to find her.

You say you didn't do well, but I think you did amazing.