Make Positivist Non-App + adjustments and nerfs to balance

Started by sharkinajar, February 25, 2023, 08:43:28 PM

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Positivist is by far one of my favorite perks. Unfortunately, it's also too strong, especially with specifically done changes. Here's my opinion (as someone who played a positivist for like a full year!) and thoughts on how to re-balance positivist/make it not so silly but also improve its quality of life. With brew feat no longer being free to get, I think the level 5 bonus is much more balanced now (it was originally intended that you'd have to invest in brew anyways in efur when it came out).

Positivist Cantrips - No longer infinite. A necessary change considering it'd be infinite healing. Either that, or simply remove the light and flare changes.

Level 1 - Add bonus Feat: Arcane Physician and +3 Heal skill. With reduction or removal of the cantrip spam, this'd give it a little bump up for all the loss.

Combust - remove the ability to stack the healing ticks. Instead, continuous casts refresh, or increase the duration.

Level 8 - Remove the +1 positive dmg on attacks

I think that'd put it far more in line with what's intended.


I wouldn't expect Positivist or Sapper to be IG any time soon, while we still adjust and balance. Having those around will just be whack. Even if one day we decide to try it again, the real power of the perk is that you can mass heal people from a long distance, so I don't think it will ever be out of app-only.

Overall, there are better things to work on rather than work on a perk we don't really want.