Prominent Figure: Lieutenant Rennick Colmes

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Rennik Colmes
Titles: Lieutenant of the Fourth Legion of the Sultan's Janissary
Portrait: To be Delivered
Status: Alive

Summary: Once a simple Outring hunter and Trapper, Lieutenant Rennik Colmes has come a long way from his roots both litterally and metaphorically. Losing his family on the long journey toward the Ash Desert, he came to the Well one more lost refugee seeking sustenance and succor within the caring arms of Elossi. But all was to change when Colmes took his place among the Sultan's Janissary, his hunger for vice and narcotic replaced with a far deeper one for Truth.

Colmes rose Swiftly through the ranks, his hunting skills now turned upon those who flaunt the Laws of the Well and the most Holy Sultan. Trapping others in lies with the same ease with which he once trapped game to be butchered. The Arrest and Trial of Ex-Scribe Shane Gallows and the Brooker Merizad, The Investigation and Autopsy of Ex-Legate John Syter, Revealing the Lawless Nature of the Cinquefoil Rose with the Colmes Doctrine, all this and more has seen Colmes be the first of the New Refugee Generation rise to the Esteemed Rank of Lieutenant, and his efforts continue ever onward.

He would seek to have the People of the Well come to him, to aid him by being open and honest with the Janissary under his command. The just have nothing to fear from Colmes, but criminals and their allies shall know his Wrath in time.

Lieutenant Rennick Colmes was Re-assigned to other duties outside Ephia's Well by orders of his Superiors in Baz'eel in recognition for his excellent and dedicated work. The Well eagerly hopes for his return in the future.

Disclosure Statement: Lieutenant Colmes was suggested as a figure by Ex-Legate Sol Auk, and has demonstrated his great Generosity and Desire for order in the Well with his charity of 2500 Dinari toward the scribes of the Sublime Garden



Lieutenant Colmes made his return to the Well in the early Months of 7788. Quickly re-establishing himself among the many new faces of the Fourth, the Legion has flourished once more under his hand.

With the official decleration of War against Iakmes and the Thousand Clans horde, an election was held among the Accord to put forth individuals to take up the seat of Warmaster as dictated by our Illustrious Sultan. Of those put forth, Lieutenant Colmes garnered the most support from all arms of the Accord.

He now sits as Warmaster of Ephia's well, leader of the War Council, and the heart of Ephian Resistance against the encroaching Orcan Menace.