Joachim Sathuul, The Sultan's Hound

Started by Styngraven, September 06, 2023, 05:08:14 AM

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Well, I can officially say this was my longest lived character. Started him back on February 2nd so that's a little over half a year now. Good fun and certainly a captivating experience to dive into this new chapter with!

Huge thanks to all the people I'd roleplayed with. Every single one of them from the huge roster of soldiers to "friends" and political rivals. These specifically standout in my mind; Cosine Mevura, Estellise Azimi, Mae Stern, Kragg Stonefury, Gianluca Buonavetura, Gers Gieger, Wajeeb al-Sattar, Aaisha al-Samar, Aubrey Domergue, Amenya Graen, Leander Nifkil, Legates Qari, Marcellus, Sol Auk, and especially Lieutenant Rennik Colmes. Each of you made this new chapter rife with political intrigue and strife, easily making this the best experience I've had in awhile on EFU that always had me coming back.


Suppose I should lay out some details regarding backstory fluff, I always give my characters plenty to direct motivations and personality but I rarely go sharing them. I believe I actually never mentioned his proper backstory to anyone in game aside from small hints or glimpses. I hate dumping that on strangers and I think it would have been greatly unfitting aside from those he's grown closest to.

He was basically, imo, my poor attempt to emulate Sandor Clegane for GOT. Shadow said it best when I reminded them of Sergeant Rex from Star Wars, "Good soldiers follow orders." Not at all what I was going for but I'll take it. I don't believe I made him brutal enough but I did smile when Kragg or others called me the Hound/Sultan's Hound. I didn't make Joachim with the intentions to join the Janissary because I'd actually meant for him to join the Banda mercs. I saw that the Fourth was very low on manpower and decided I'd chip in alongside Rennik, Scarbrook, and A'tor as given his background I could easily make it fit.

Awesome faction with plenty of interesting stuff going on. It did have a really hard time keeping people and for that I kinda blame myself, I feel like there was stuff I could have been giving newer players to do that just didn't spring to mind. I did shoot for the promotion as at the time I was Rennik Colmes bruiser and basically the recognized drill sergeant. When he was gone I was pushed up and I wasn't anywhere near the detective or lawyer he was. Served better as a soldier who died trying to make up for his mistake. Very fitting in my mind.

Joachim hailed from the Six Sacred Steppes of the City-that-Was where he grew in the lush plains of Dobi, around ring 332 if memory serves. Whilst a brutal society like many of the rings, he'd killed his first man at 12, he'd actually had a fairly swell childhood. Raised on the old stories of the King, Dorvant, knights of auld! His village neither dedicated to any Nothing cult or foul practice merely a dwelling of shepherds practicing the celestial faith of their ancestors and yet it was burned all the same in Egbert Velstra's crusade. He learned the hypocrisy of knight's, of their chivalry and honor, he takes to a more simple life of an honest warrior and kills with very little regard.

He'd successfully outrun the tides of the Nothing that lapped at his heels and found himself within the Great Ash Wastes, far more experienced than many after traveling the road so very long. All his life he's known nothing but running and killing for survival but not here, for once in his sad road he found civilization. No backalley warchiefs or lords on their piles of rubbish, where a child might not suffer as he had but he knew they'd need defenders, men who know how to handle steel and coincidentally the only thing he was really ever good at. He'd taken up allegiance to the Sultan Osman the VI as this is a true form of life headed by a real man, not some distant figure far from his world. He'd dedicated to his work and follows order near to without question, answering only to his betters or the Sultan himself.

A Man Needs a Code
  • Will not steal. Coin is won rightly through work or taking it from the slain. Bribery or elsewise is poor sport.
  • Never use poison for it is a coward's weapon, men kill with steel.
  • Be honest why he does what he does. He'll never hide behind honor or chivalry as an excuse for his killings. I didn't end up killing a great many of pcs.
  • Keep drink upon him almost always, less of a guideline but it makes the thirsty work easier. Always had a bunch of ale on me.
  • Whilst brutal to his foes and almost anyone he's commanded to fall upon Joachim due to his trauma will not do this to young children. He will either ignore the order entirely or go out of his way to aid a child.

But I know most don't actually care about that sorta stuff. It's the loot and build that's exciting!


Some might call me crazy for the combination or the idea and there were certainly better ways to go about it than I did but I will point out, I never died once in a quest. Somewhat of a determent actually as I towards my death was desperately low on a lot of gear, no coin to make up for it. I was only ever taken down by odd mishaps and my end.

My sword I earned for fighting off the Thousand Clans orcs, I really liked the actual model for it. Very cool.

This next I earned at the Red Hill... and instantly turned over to pay my insane debts. Haha, oh well.

Leaving the Sergeant's plate and cloak out for obvious reasons.

Screenshots, I don't take many.

Turning to faith. I didn't choose any deity when I made him as I wanted the chapter to grip me with one. I only started embracing Urrazir at the end thanks to chaplain Ludovich, he makes for a damn good priest.

The End

It was a great run and I look forward to seeing you all again on my next!


You made my experience as a Janissary 10x better, and I really enjoyed the last couple of weeks immensely!
Definitely going to remember Joachim as a highlight of this PC and all the early Janissary stuff.

Hope you find a concept that grabs you for your next PC!

Don Nadie

While I didn't interact that much (due to being in opposite factions and so on) Sarthuul was fun. I always loved going on Alejandro's most obnoxious persona with him <3 Really well done!




Gonna miss Sathuul a lot, and not just because he owed me money.

A great character and an Excellent Janissary!


Great PC and I think all this came through really well in the portrayal!

He will be missed!


The ghost of Gers Geiger laughs knowing Joachim died in inescapable debt.

Good PC, I enjoyed the legal battles we had.