An Address from Domhnall Guivarch, League of White Candidate

Started by Erudiche, September 11, 2023, 05:11:41 AM

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On the eve of the election of Tesrin Hray, as ballots are cast, deals are made, and fates decided, Domhnall Guivarch stands hunched over the sending desk of the Palatial Pyramid, hurriedly editing his script before dictating over the bellows, voice high and clear.

QuoteOnce democracy was thought merely the fancy of a young radical in the Academy of Baz'eel. Now, day by day, we see it emerge at our feet. But eleven years ago the exercise of our rights enjoyed today were unthinkable and men did groan in servitude.

But the experiment was commissioned. Popular government began its slow emergence from the world of imagination and into reality. Now we stand at a fateful precipice. We can return to the foundations of our state. We can restore our principles. We can revive the march to a better world.

Or we can stagnate. We can regress, and skulk back to the depths of reaction, revert back to the state of beasts, little better than troglodytes. We can return to murdering and wickedness, to the denial of dignity to mankind.

Shall you, O People, rule Ephia's Well? Shall you mount the throne of the mighty and take up the mantle of master of the land? Or shall this land be ruled by money? Shall it be ruled by privilege? Shall it be ruled by noblemen, cutthroats, and blood-suckers?

This choice falls to you. To the Voiced, who are trusted with the sacred duty to defend the rights, and to the Voiceless, yet unredeemed, to fight against the pall of privilege and corruption which binds them. To all people of the Well, to all people of the world, a call is issued:

Gather beneath the Pale Banner! Hoist the Gyrfalcon aloft! Up the White!
Redemption! Redemption!