Chosen Protectors of the Wheel

Started by Phoebe, September 11, 2023, 11:44:19 PM

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AKA: The Inquisition Reloaded

Lucrecia Allaire is starting the Chosen Protectors of the Wheel, a religion-focused faction for those who dedicate themselves wholely to their chosen God.

HEAR ME, YE FAITHFUL, YE LOST! The Well is an affront to the Wheel's faith! A scar on Ba'zeel, a rotting hive of those who delight in heresy and tarnish generosity and valor! The faithful priests, Oathsworn, consecrated warriors, come to me! The damned, the lost, those with nothing, come to me! We shall be the force that cleanses the Well, and uproots sin and horror!

Bring arms, alms, and purity, let not the wicked rule the streets! Do not tolerate desecration any longer, do not tolerate heresy any longer, punish the wicked and make them repent, so that they may turn to mercy and nobility once more!

Looking for religious PCs who have the desire and grit to make the Faith of the sands stronger than ever, to combat the heresy and disrespect displayed by the faithless, to purge horrors, demons and evil spirits, and to promote emphasis on the Wheel's power over the Well. Construction of temples and great shrines is another goal, though this faction is more focused on militant, proactive action. Peace and love are wonderful, but helplessness is weakness in the Wastes.

Benefits are an immediate and reliable group to quest, explore, and protect with, a way to integrate and, perhaps even, convert PCs into the religious sects of the Wheel, and if all else fails, a source of healing from that soul drain or such.

Race: Any
Class: Any, with special focus on Clerics and Paladins
Alignment: Any non-Chaotic, non-Evil faction. Wanton greed and self-serving behavior may lead to problems.
Religion: All Wheel-faiths save for Bashmu. Gellemedes may face a unique challenge and distrust.
Uniform: Preferably, one piece of equipment be dyed an ash-gray.

Contact me IC or OOC, I'm Phoebe on Discord- I'm more likely to respond there OOC, but letters to Lucrecia, forum PMs, or just approaching me in-game is allowed.
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