[A Letter to Bashir]

Started by Mari, September 18, 2023, 11:15:00 PM

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Having two active Legates rather than just the one likely leaves you rather a bit more busied than previous so a letter seemed the most adroit way to reach out in matters.

The first matter to which I inquire is for the transcript discussed previously, if it is available.

As to the second, and perhaps more pleasant, question, I did wish to inquire after if you have yet visited Frostport. While the novelty of ice on the peaks of Kulkund is keenly felt, it does pale in comparison to that to be found about that Northern port. Though at times I imagine quiet days seem an impossibility, perhaps one can be found in time, yes?


Fabulous Secret Powers


I am busier, yes, but I should be able to find time to converse with you soon.

Attached you will find two notes. I took the liberty of taking excerpts from the transcript, as there was a lot of hot air. Found within are the most relevant details. The name of the diplomat is not known, I am afraid, and discovering it is perhaps impossible now that they have left the Well.

I've not visited Frostport yet, and would be delighted to accompany you on a trek there. Spare time is a rare resource right now, yes, but perhaps some occasion for such can be found.


Domhnall and the diplomat
Banafsian Diplomat: What is the meaning of this?! Legate Guivarch. You must hand over this man to the protection of my government immediately. He is a pretender and a madman. Escaped from our sanitorium for the mentally disturbed.

Legate Guivarch: I will not be doing that, honored Ambassador, for this man is a refugee seeking Asylum in our home. It is the policy of the League of White, and that of the League of Purple, who here govern, to house those who come seeking refuge.

Banafsian Diplomat: Legate Guivarch. I ask you to consider this step very carefully. You may not like its consequences.

Legate Guivarch: Madam Ambassador, we have done nothing more than admit a refugee seeking asylum. Let us not speak of consequences and wrath amid so petty a manner, in light of the fascinating measures underway in your homeland.

Banafsian Diplomat: He is not a refugee, honoured Legate. He is a madman who killed a shopkeeper and his family. Owing to the grace and mercy of the Archon, he was consigned to our Sanitoriums until his mind might be quietened. Do not listen to him.

Legate Guivarch: If such is true, then let us take the example of the Archon, and provide him care in our own Well. We needn't burden the Archonate's already deeply strained resources.

Banafsian Diplomat: You will regret this, Legate.

Legate Guivarch: Farewell, honorable Ambassador.

Later, the diplomat took to the bellows.

Banafsian Diplomat: This is the word of the Archon of Banafsi, and Her justified emissary here in Ephia's Well. In protest at the decision of the state of Ephia's Well to harbour a dangerous renegade and bedlamite within her walls, the Archonate of Banafsi withdraws her Embassy from Ephia's Well. You have made your bed, Legate Guivarch. I suggest you wallow in it, before your bedmate comes for you with a knife in the dark. That is all.

Domhnall and Hephaestus
Hephaestus: The true people of Banafsi gather together, even now. They speak my name in the streets. They praise my father, the slain Osiron IX. They toast his memory. By their candles at night, they whisper of freedom. I, Hephaestus, Osiron X, shall bring it to them. Have my people, all weary of Banafsi, a welcome berth here? Here, in the shadow of the Pyramid of Orentes?

Legate Guivarch: We have taken many of your people to our bosom, your Highness, many have taken up arms in the Sultan's Legion, and dream of justice to be delivered to your people.

Hephaestus: Then they shall come!