To the Fourth Legion: Valid Archaeology Licenses

Started by Stranger, October 21, 2023, 08:55:32 PM

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Kanon Hray 21, 7787


It has been repeatedly asserted by the Scribes that License Administrator Maddicus Abalom engaged in reckless malfeasance throughout his custody of the Archaeology License. No records exist of the licenses he sold and, if such records did exist, they have seemingly disappeared or have been destroyed. Further, when authority over the Archaeology License was transferred to care of the Astronomers, it is broadly known that Maddicus continued to sell as many of these licenses as possible (both at his desk and in remote locations under the pseudonym "L") for weeks after the fact.

We need your help repossessing these licenses. We need you to search various archaeologists and destroy their revoked licenses. We will provide a list of valid licenses that will be excepted from this process.

Every time an archaeological application has been approved, we will add it to this list.

Thank you,

Apothar Cosine Mevura
Astronomer of Q'tolip


Appended to the letter sent by Cosine is a short note, stamped at the top. Revisions are occasionally sent to replace the old...
Recognised Licensees:
Daoud al-Maaz
Ulisse de Calvenzano
Sister Hypatia
Alejandro Benjazar
Zol Nur
Jamileh Attar
Salazar Saleemi
Aurelio d'Lyon
Xesuain Khor
Ludwig Fears
Samira al-Darwish
Balstan Gloamingdaith
Jakob Belzoni
Qari Alriyh
Alric Greywood


[Radislav pins the note to a board in the barracks, somewhere.]


The list has been updated.

Please reference it carefully.


I love cats

Jamileh has a temporary liscense with no expiration date signed by Apothar Stern is it valid or expired?

-Soldier Lawcleaver


The reissue announcement served as an expiration date for any temporary licenses. The Torchbearers received week-duration temporary licenses after that, but these are run out: there are no valid temporary licenses or plans to issue more presently. I will, however, see if I can clear up her confusion myself. Consider her licensed for the time being.


I love cats

It is not her confusion that needs to be cleared up. It is the confusion of anyone attempting to properly enforce the terribly ludicrous paperwork which  made her goods valid that contradicted the list we were sent. Telling me her paperwork was invalid when it bore your signature and no expiration date (Even though it was temporary) was the reason no arrest was made or fine processed or gear confiscated. You will find unlike Sergeant Ludovich I am not driven by insanity but logic and respect for laws and procedure. Actions such as this and clear contradictory paperwork and confusion do more to aid those arguing in favor of the scribes handling licenses than your opponents. In reading the many arrests files of the fourth legion I have yet to read a single case of enforcing any of the licenses of the scribes handled with this much confusion from their end.

Ultimately it falls on the fourth legion to enforce the law. Your documents lack in consistency and are a chaotic mess. Contradictory paperwork is a chaotic mess. While I understand your tower is Chaotic prone in nature and only draws from the treasury because much better mages dug up, operate and maintain  technology not of your making me and my men will be naturally confused by your lists not matching paperwork baring your valid legal signature on the field. Not to mention poorly handled paperwork.

What kind of moron drafts a temporary permit with no expiration date? Why? What is the purpose of this besides to confirm to anyone reading such a document the person of authority who issued it lacks in common sense? It becomes clear why a person like Xon still wears your colors and probably might be an Apothar. Why send us a list of people with valid permits and not clarify anyone with a temporary permit is EXPIRED AND IS OPEN TO LAWCLEAVING!? You have made what could be easy Lawcleaving some hard work. Many of my colleagues are less diligent and not enforcing the law at all. However I am not one to deny the city extra funding nor am I one to make it plain how much we the fourth contribute to the economy.

  Take my complaints and improve upon them ultimately the fourth benefits more from our allies not being a chaotic mess.

-Soldier Lawcleaver


Dear Soldier Lawcleaver,

Your feedback is thorough, well-written, and deeply appreciated.

I will ensure my Apprentices take it to heart.

Apothar Estellise Azimi