A Letter for Apothar Cosine Mevura

Started by Hierophant, November 24, 2023, 07:03:34 AM

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Apothar Mevura,

You mentioned a price for the Tower to keep brookers imprisoned when captured, until they have been prepared for trial and or execution.

Were you serious about this? Uncertain if Sergeant Andvari spoke to you about it yet. Another matter we require aid of is divination.

Is it possible to track Melek movement below the earth? Burrowers and scouts have been fought and sighted outside the Gate of Sand.

We would also hear your recommendations for skilled engineers in Ephia's Well.

Sultan's Peace,
Soldier-Janissary Eamon Bronzegate
How long, Catiline, will you continue to abuse our patience?


The Zenithars are still deliberating on the topic of an arcane prison.

Long-distance scrying is an mortally dangerous prospect and not to be suggested carelessly. After being tortured hideously while scrying on order of Legate Zaniah Almirah, I am deeply disinclined to attempt such a maneuver again; it would expose me to grisly retaliation by the sorcery of the lizardfolk.

There is no easy solution for tracking the melek through their labyrinthine tunnels.

Myself, Apothar Mae Stern, and Nadiri Zain al-Saiba are highly proficient engineers.

Apothar Cosine Mevura