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Started by CoffeeBean, December 21, 2023, 09:08:20 AM

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Experiment idea: Helm of Unthinking

As proposed by my colleague, using a helmet would allow the device to better impact the brain for desired outcome. The issue, however, would be a power source. While we could repurpose the suggested objects to suppress a subjects cognitive function, I doubt that would last forever by itself.

Perhaps a secondary device that acts as a charging mechanism for device A.

[The messy scrawl continues to suggest a variety of devices and methods to provide constant power, including affixing a baublium intake in the helmet.]


Experiment idea: The Alchemic Flask

Given the results of alchemical experiment 23, in which REDACTED was successfully used to create REDACTED, it holds true that REDACTED is alchemically reactive.

With this in mind, it is plausible then that any source of corruption from REDACTED, even within the mortal body, could cause a potential, even if subtle, reaction when in contact with the alchemic process. If this is true, which is yet to be proven, perhaps the creation of alchemic glass that is inherently reactive, could create a small, subtle effect when mixed with corrupted blood of a subject.

[The note continues on listing viable materials suitable for alchemic glass, settling on ground up Ruby and other materials attuned to the fire plane, then heated into glass.]


Experiment idea: Ritual Alchemy

Alchemy and magic. Magic and alchemy. Though they seem different, there is a core principle that is similar between them: Equivalent exchange.

Thus, it wouldn't be far fetched to conduct a ritual that involves certain aspects of alchemy- ritual alchemy one might call it.

[The paper trails on for some time on alchemical circles and principles attributed to ritual magic ... but stops to ponder a new thought near the end]

Morality- it is a curious thing. Do I have a right to be squeamish about my products? Who buys them? Is that something merchants even concern themselves with? That selling a dagger to a stranger might condemn an innocent to doom? One thing is for certain- I must choose. To do otherwise would be to take the path of the meek, to seek ignorance as an excuse for action.


[ Unlike all of Lapa's other notes, this one alone bears no design to be made, no idea to ponder- it is but a few simple lines of text upon an otherwise blank page ]

Life. Death. Rebirth. The Stars. Change.

The world is dying, but does it actual need saving?


Experiment idea: The Drink

The mysterious Drink produced by the Sisters is a puzzle I would very much like to solve! The issue in solving it is the complexity of the substance- one cannot simply boil down the liquid into its base components, or so I have been told.

-If- this was tested before, then I think it can be concluded that the Sisters do not simply add something to the drink, rather- the main ingredients are either infused with some processes, or are "exotic".

Given the known effects of the Drink, I assume that the intended purpose of the Drink is to give the Sisters a medium to interact with at a distance. This unfortunately does not shorten the possibilities. However, I have an idea which Isaac and Zain can help me with.

[ The rest of the note continues on about the color of magic. ]


Experiment idea: Melek mutations

As per the discussion I had with Janissary Lightdew, we concluded that the greatest strength of the Melek is their ability to breed quickly, allowing for them to evolve certain features fairly quickly- thus explaining why we've been seeing new variants.

This strength, however, can be made into a weakness. Observations in the wild suggest that an animal will evolve to meet different requirements to survive- thus, we can draw the conclusion that Melek are no different. If I were to obtain a clutch of Melek eggs, it is hypothetically possible to force them to evolve in a certain way that will result them being a natural predator for regular Melek.

More thought is required for this..


Opinions and Notes: Ash Spawn

I think I have more or less a hypothesis on how Ash revenants come to exist - though I still have no idea why they branch off into varieties. I am thinking that when any creature dies due to the purification process, it fuses the body with ash- encasing it with positive charged ash. Being encased in this ash prevents the release of the creatures negative energies that naturally occur when life dies- causing the body to reanimate.

However, it is still unknown why the ash hardens in response to physical trauma. It truly becomes a reactive shield for the creature as if it were sentient.

Experiment idea: Ash Revenant Autopsy

The main objective of an autopsy would be to first, remove the ash from the revenant- allowing for later inspection, method of how to do this is still pending.

Second objective would be to inspect the naked corpse's properties- seeing if there are any other discernible changes to the body.

Hypothetically, if I can discern more about the charged ash properties, I can- using the formula of death armor- create a shield of negative energies that results in the interacting ash to lose charge. 


Project Idea: Arcane Cannon

Spurred on by Conrad's questions, inspiration strikes once more in my heart! The basic idea is a cannon that doesn't use black powder as its ignition source, but rather baublium instead! This project will require three working components- the body, the projectile, and the cartridge. 

Component 1: Body

The Arcane Cannon will require specifics to its design. First, it must be made of a metal that is resistant to heat (alchemic produced metal may be solution). This will prevent warping of the body when the cannon is fired. Additionally, the inside of the barrel will need to be grooved to lower wind resistance. Lastly, there will need to be a cooling and venting system attached to body. This cooling system itself will be water that sits upon the barrel, which will turn to steam as it absorbs the heat generated via firing.