DM Appreciation Day - DangerousDan

Started by Howlando, January 23, 2024, 04:32:57 AM

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16 years of DMing in the same server is kind-of insane. Thanks for the dedication!



Dan your writing is what keeps bringing me back to EFU. Your ability to convey an aesthetic through both evocative, well chosen words and placeables is a golden standard that I try to pursue.

A little late, but I hope you enjoyed your birthday, may you have many more.


Hurray for the Danninator! Happy birthday and thanks for being with us for all this time- our community wouldn't be the same without you!


DangerousDan dragging me back to v6 dev was one of the best/worst things that ever happened to me. This was the first time we worked together and I found a dear friend in the process. I'm very glad he convinced me to join the work on the chapter because it's probably the best we've had!


Dan's enthusiasm, energy and genius cannot be overstated. I wanted to add more, but I think he's peerless in his craft.



The expressive and engaging storytelling that happens not only from the vision of the areas but the raw aura that some places put out is one of the best aspects of exploring in NwN, thank you so much for your contribution and Happy Birthday Dan!


A sizzle, in the Kardizzle.

I love this game.

You are a big part of that. Thank you so much.
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