The Vittorian Warrior Way

Started by CoffeeBean, February 11, 2024, 03:49:15 AM

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by Rocco d'Est

What defines the Way of the Warrior? Is it the number of battles taken part in? Is it the bloodied path carved from the bodies of the slain, or perhaps the fortunes plundered? No. This is the way of the savage- the way of the Murderer, Agaslakku.

The Way of the warrior is more than the battles fought or the foes killed, or even to possess great skill in combat- it is instead defined by the standard we hold ourselves to as warriors. It is to live for combat untainted by dishonor, to be graceful in victory as well as humble in defeat- it is to live by your pride and die by your honor.

 It is these things that a warrior must follow, otherwise, we are nothing more than murderers lusting for our next battle.

Praise be, the sage Vittoria-
Patron of the Way of Warriors.