An Envelope to Gloombeard's Office

Started by CoffeeBean, April 18, 2024, 03:03:56 AM

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:: Within the Envelope, there is a letter and a document tucked neatly together ::

Legate Gloombeard,

Congratulations on your ascension to office, I look forward to working with you in the future. The document I sent with this letter has been in the works for some time, but was delayed due to the election. It would be wonderful if you could take some time to review it and make it official with your signature. Legate Saenus has already given approval and signed this copy as you will see.

Live and Drink,
Junior Scribe Greywood

Warmaster powers codified
Overview of position
When a war is officially declared by the Legates of Ephia's Well, a representative of the Legates is to be chosen to lead the war in their stead. This individual is to be chosen1 by the two legates and is limited to the following: The individual must be voiced and have been a citizen of the Well for more than (specific time period), or be among the upper ranks of those organizations belonging to the Accord. While the Warmaster serves as official representative of Ephia's Legates during war time, they do not bear the authority to make official decisions in regards to diplomacy between Ephia's Well and foreign entities. 

Council of the Warmaster
When a Warmaster is declared, a council shall be raised. This council will consist of eight seats: one for a representative from each of those organizations that belong to the Accords (including one representative from each petal of the Krak des Roses), one for a representative of the Scribes of the Sublime Garden, and two for independent advisors chosen by the Warmaster with approved from the Legates.

Orders held in disapproval by seventy-five percent of the Warmaster's council are considered null and require them to be revised. Additionally, any individual under the command of the Warmaster who refuses order, but is sponsored by a council member, will have their case reviewed by a Legate. Otherwise, the individual who has refused the order shall have their case handled by Magistrate or above.

The position of Warmaster is temporary, lasting only as long as a War is officially declared so by the Legates. However, a Warmaster may also be dismissed if the majority2 of his Council declare them unfit for the position. The council must provide a case to the joint legateship, who will ultimately decide3 if the Warmaster is unfit for the position.

1. In the event the two legates cannot agree on a candidate for Warmaster, the Chief Scribe will act as a tie breaker.
2. Five out of eight in agreement for impeachment.
3. As in subsection 1, if the legates cannot agree on if the current Warmaster is fit or unfit for their position, the Chief Scribe will once again act as tiebreaker.

Powers & Responsibilities
While the position of Warmaster is held, the following powers and responsibilities are given to the holder:
  • Executive Command: The Warmaster granted the power to issue orders to all of Ephia's military personnel; these orders must be, however, approved jointly by the current legates (or an officially chosen representative) at the time of their making. Exception: Orders may be made without legate approval if the Warmaster is commanding an active battle.
  • Citizen draft: The Warmaster, at joint approval of the current sitting Legates, may initiate a draft of all citizens of the Well, voiced or otherwise, to serve as temporary military personnel.
  • Secure spoils of war: Ensure all spoils of war are returned to the City for dissemination as directed by the Legates.
  • Plan Operations: Plan operations to be carried out by military personnel. All operations must be approved by the Legates before initiation, as well as, have an accurate formal report provided to the legates of the the operation's proceedings.
  • Appointment: The Wamaster may create positions within the Well's military that serve specific tasks for the war effort (I.E. Chief Scout, Bey of Spies, Chief Engineer, etc.). The Warmaster may appoint and dismiss individuals to these positions as desired.
  • Requisition requests: Draft requests to the legates for funds for use in service of war. This specific responsibility can be passed onto an appointed individual, however, all requests must bear the lettering of approval from the Warmaster.



19 Tammuz IY 7788

Dear Junior Scribe Greywood,

You comported yourself well during the delegation to Kha'esh. Well done.

As for the draft, a few observations:

1. It is not expressly stated what are the 'non-additional' positions on the Council (the existence of non-additional positions being implied by the 'Appointment' clause's reference to 'additional positions').

2. It is not expressly stated as to who appoints members of the Council. The Warmaster?

3. It is also not expressly stated as to who can dismiss members of the Council. Again, the Warmaster?

4. The above question is relevant because the Council may be dismissed if a majority of his Council declare the Warmaster unfit for the position. Can that practically happen if the Warmaster can dismiss them unilaterally first and at any time?

5. Is it 'War Master' or 'Warmaster'?

Grateful if you could clarify the above and provide revisions, if any.

Live and drink,
Balstan Gloamingdaith
Legate of the First Seat


Quote1. It is not expressly stated what are the 'non-additional' positions on the Council (the existence of non-additional positions being implied by the 'Appointment' clause's reference to 'additional positions').
- Revisions have been made. Originally, 'additions' was in reference to the positions on the Council. I will be removing 'additional' and leave it as 'create positions' for clarity.

2. - 4.
- Revisions have been made and content added. The council will be made up of eight positions, one for each of the accord (including the three petals of the Rose), one for the scribes, and two of the Warmaster's choice with approval of the Legates. Additionally, it will now require five out of eight votes to impeach.

5. Is it 'War Master' or 'Warmaster'?
- I can settle on Warmaster, though, I think it looks better as War Master. Less clustered together.

Additionally, along with these changes, I made a few others.

Live and drink,
Scribe Greywood