Short letters to Warmaster Colmes

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Live and drink, Warmaster

When you have the time, I would like to discuss with you the events of the negotiation visit to Kha'esh. While I understand you've already been briefed, there are some matters I would like to talk about.

~ Junior Scribe Greywood


Junior Scribe,

We will speak as soon as I am able.

Lt. R. Colmes


Live and drink Lieutenant,

When you have the time, I would like to meet with you to discuss my previous assumptions and thoughts regarding Kardesler.

If you don't mind indulging me again, do write back.

~ Scribe Greywood.


Dear Lieutenant,

Apologizes for dropping another note so quickly after my last one, but I am going to request that our talk be postponed for a little. I spoke the Sister Selsi, and as a result, would like permissions to the diplomatic report she filed after visiting Kha'esh.
Live and drink,
~ Scribe Greywood.



Please see attached.

Quote from: Sister SelsiTammuz 21 IY7787

Operating under the authority of Legate Balstan Gloamingdaith the Sibylline Sisterhood departed to negotiate with Kha'esh. This was done because Kha'eshi demands were predominantly requests of the Sisterhood. Herein resides a report on the events that transpired produced at Legate request, disseminated to their offices and the War Council.

1.) Seer Rebecca
2.) Sister Selsi
3.) Sister Amelie

Intended Offer:
Match to original offer with deviation in Depths passphrase term. Instead of providing the details we offered to escort the Vizier and those wise men of Kha'esh he seems pertinent to send on joint expeditions between our cities. This offer was confirmed by the Legate in advance.

Order of Events:
1.) The Sisterhood departs Ephia's Well.
2.) The Sisterhood arrives in the Kha'esh Caravanserai.
3.) An Invitation is extended.
4.) Vizier Azarmidohkt the Golden arrives.

Negotiations become complete at this point.
The discussion thereafter is transcribed regardless for the benefit of this report's recipients.

5.) It comes to pass that the Caravanserai is quiet, and we have peace to speak together.
6.) The Vizier asks for our offer. I begin to negotiate. It is provided.
7.) We speak together of power and guides.
8.) The Vizier laughs. We smile.
9.) We speak of getting lost in the dark. We speak of lights in the deep.
10.) The Vizier laughs. We smile.
11.) There is a disturbance from the Bellows in relation to the Assembly. The Vizier becomes privy to feuds and debate in Ephia's Well where its peoples scheme against one another and undermine these talks as they happen.
12.) We speak of snakes and knives driven into each other's backs.
13.) The Vizier laughs. We smile.
14.) The Vizier inquires what we desire.
15.) We tell him.
16.) The Vizier contemplates trying to take the passphrase by force.
17.) He does not.
18.) Estellise arrives.
19.) The discussion of snakes and knives resumes.
20.) I tell the Vizier what I see in the shadow of his eye.
21.) We speak of destiny.
22.) The Vizier does not laugh as much this time. We smile.
23.) Estellise joins us in friendship and is used as an important example of Ephian cooperation.
24.) We discuss briefly the logistics of descent and the nature of the groups that would comprise expeditions. A trap is dodged.

This will be a significant part of our negotiations with Kha'esh to come. We are agreed on the idea of joint expeditions between the Well and Kha'esh, but how exactly these will be assembled and who will be part of them is up in the air. There are likely to be far more than one, and it is likely the terms of our agreement (which we will have to fully settle as time goes) will require multiple trips together.

25.) Estellise expresses some concern.
26.) The discussion concludes.
27.) The Vizier indicates he will reply and then departs.
28.) We depart Kha'esh with Estellise.
29.) We deliver news of our successful work.