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Started by CoffeeBean, April 21, 2024, 10:18:51 PM

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"If you believe you're intelligent, you're probably an idiot.
If you believe yourself to be wise, you're probably a fool.
Ego often leads to self-delusion and arrogance."

I know I'm probably the fool for it, but keeping silent on my ideas, whether they're good or bad, would be worse than having them simply dismissed. I don't know better than anyone else, but that doesn't mean my thoughts are without merit.


Today was pretty bad.

First off, Bashir quit being Vizier. Which, while that isn't great, I do hope he feels less stressed now. I felt a little bad that couldn't think of anything to say or do to help, but in my experience, trying too hard to fix something just makes it worse. I am glad he didn't quit being a scribe though.

Speaking almost quitting the scribes, everything involving the legates today made me want to quit. Or drink. Or both. But I can't really fault either of them- not with everything that is going on right now. The stress of it all must be overwhelming them both.

Tomorrow is a new day though, hopefully a better one.


"I believe in a better Ephia's Well."

That's the reason I became a scribe. Because I wanted to help build a better Ephia, but why did it never occur to me that I don't know what a 'better Ephia' is?


1) What are they seeking?
- Unknown as of now. I have speculations- research will be required. I suspect there might be clues to be found in the desert. Invest in archeological digs.

2) What is the phrase for?
- Unknown, assume it is used to enter somewhere. I'm sure I can get some answers from Colmes.

3) Why did they take control of the War?
- Possibilities:

  • A) History with orcs - The Emir doesn't seem to be the type to care too much about ancient grudges, but I could be wrong.
  • B) Control of the Spoils of War division - They're already rich, but I'm sure they're still going to care about this.
  • C) Control of important asset - The Orcs may have possession of an area or item that the Vizier has decided is of importance. By having control of the War, they can designate who guards what area- denying us the ability to see what they are up to. Research is required - again, perhaps there might be a record out in the dunes.

Assessment based of known information: There isn't enough information to make any solid conclusions, however, if it is possibility C, there will be a tell. Either as area solely held by Kha'esh or perhaps someone they mark as off limits. Whatever the case, we can't afford to remain ignorant.


Working alongside my mentor was a nice change of pace, but I do envy their genuine passion for discovery. Not to say I haven't been enjoying myself, but I can't shake this nagging feeling that something is coming. That, whatever Kha'esh is searching for, will be the beginning of something awful.

All that to say this: I'm afraid.