[The Tabbah Elections]

Started by Ziya, June 11, 2024, 12:40:37 PM

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Tabbah 11th, IY 7788

The Tabbah Election begins! Legate Balstan Gloamingdaith immediately begins seeking reelection...

QuoteLegate Balstan Gloamingdaith

Hrmph, hrmph. Those of the League of Gold, to the Office, aye. Grateful if I may have a word, and yer signature upon my Petition. Yer know me, and have beheld my tenure. Good laws and sensible judgments. Diplomatic entreaties to city-states that were spat on by the Purples.

A synod to see raised our first Hakem. A reasoned hearing and diligent labor for even my political foes. Accountability and public consultations fer many a deeds of mine. An unyielding, unwavering resolve to see us win this war, that I have shied nay from the fields myself.

Ahead yet be my solemn promise - a metropolis of trade and industry, and such wonder it shall be. Up the Gold, aye! Come, come, to the Office of the League of Gold!

Policies are implemented by the two Legates of Gold to help the Souk recover...

QuoteHubert Brickson

The Golden Legates, in their infinite wisdom, have heard our pleas! Sales taxes will be reduced and Ephia's Well will remain supplied and fed! Gold League for a Golden Future!

QuoteLegate Argent Argyris

Ahem! An emergency measure, to easy the pain of our Souk-bound friends who were so grievously harmed by the saboteurs who yet lurk among the voiceless throngs. A gift from myself and Balstan Gloamingdaith, to all the merchants and yeomen who are the lifeblood of our Well!

As the Gold League quickly united behind their Legate, the White League complained about added restrictions on the refugees, only to have the Gold League retort in the wake of Wicked Tabbah the Eighth...

QuoteGedwyr Karstcleft

I call upon the legates t'protect our fait Ephia's Well from the insurrectionists! They spoke of being poor and needy while they ransacked the souk and the bleeding hearted whites convinced all to stay their hand. Insisting these poor people only need a fair shake.

Soon after those very same 'poor and needy' folk ransacked our pyramid! We need laws put in place to protect our fair Ephia from these cretins! Laws to prevent these insurrectionists from weaseling their way into the seat of legate!

We can't afford t'make another mistake! Who's to say what form of subversive attack the agents of Iakmas will try next. My guess? Something involvin a white flag and I don't mean the type used t'surrender.

In the meantime, the League of Gold makes an impassionate plea for the making of hard and necessary choices amidst the War against Iakmes...

QuoteLegate Balstan Gloamingdaith

We are at war. The Seekers-After-Death had violated our homes in the guise of refugees, stolen their way into our very seat of government, and butchered innocent Scribes after we defied their singular demand to surrender to Iakmes..

It baffles me, then, that the complacency had set in so quickly after. But perhaps it ought nay. After all, the very same who stood by the Seekers-After-Death tae abet their ploy and usher in their men now are the very ones demanding that we keep our gates open and unbarred.

We cannot. This is a harsh war, a war fer our very existence. It will require hard decisions. We have learned that the hard way, and that lesson is not one that I can forget. We must win this war. We will win this war. Our very existence relies on it.

And so, I shall continue tae make the hard decisions, the necessary decisions. Until Ephia's Well is safe, until Iakmes and the Thousand Clans be defeated. Until we are triumphant and free on the other side of this war. So that we may live, and we may drink, Ephians.


Maribeh 14, IY 7788

And so it begins, a metropolis of trade and industry, promised sennights ere...

QuoteGohari Representative

Legates of the Pyramid. The Director of Gohari Heavy Machinery awaits you at your offices.

QuoteBalstan Gloamingdaith

It is DONE, Ephia's Well. Months of labor and painstaking negotiations, culminating in the beginnings of a new era. What we have promised, we deliver. The walls shall be buttressed and expanded. The new district shall be raised.

The walls shall be buttressed and expanded. Tenements shall be raised fer our populace, ever swollen in numbers. By the project's end, nigh a million dinars shall have been spent by our investors from Baz'eel.

This is what we do battle fer, Ephians - a metropolis of trade, of industry, of factories rising and worthy work fer all. Where all of us shall share in the riches and prosperity of an ever wealthier Ephia's Well of boundless opportunities.

We shall defend our home, and our home shall house us. We shall raise our walls, and our walls will shield us. We shall fight, aye, and bleed, and die, if we must, to see that Ephia's Well be the greater at the war's end than ever before. This be my guarantee.

Fer a golden Ephia's Well!

QuoteDirector Ariette Gildebrand

Gohari Heavy Machinery is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached, and we have purchased the requisite land from the government for 200,000 dinars. We are presently hiring laborers, craftsmen, architects and more.

Please mail by post a resume to 1903 Street of Clinking Coins, Baz'eel. Our teams will review your application and reach out if your skill meets this, or any other of our open positions. Please do not reply to this message.