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on: August 01, 2014, 09:36:20 AM
What is the Ascetic?

Ascetics are monks who, perhaps because of their Philosophy or the Tenets of their Order or for some reason altogether, completely reject the aid of beneficial spells and effects. All standard beneficial magic (including healing spells) have no effect on Ascetics. Because of the rigors of such a path, Ascetics also receive spell resistance to harmful effects, resistance to physical and elemental damage, and access to various advantageous combat stances and extraordinary abilities. The exact mechanical bonuses of this path are considerable and will not be disclosed here, but instead must be explored through advancement through the prestige class.

Ascetic is generally a prestige class for pure class monk (i.e. the Ascetic bonuses and disadvantages are applied on top off the standard monk class). Players should apply for ascetic prior to creation or possibly very early on in the character's career. Thus earning this prestige class is not a matter of 'EIG' like most PRCs but rather instead based off of strength of concept and the record of the player's past characters.

The hope with this prestige class is to introduce a new play-style to EFU as well as move away from the tradition of monks being most effective when they have accumulated large quantities of supplies.

Let us know if you have any question and big thanks to Paha/Talir for excellent scripting work as always.