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on: September 10, 2014, 07:51:20 AM

When we wanted to introduce Myconids, we wanted to do so in a way that made the experience of playing them feel genuinely different and unique.

Myconids earn almost no XP from killing monsters, but instead earn continuous advancement XP (reflecting their 'growth') through all levels of their particular life-stage.

What is a life-stage?

There are three Life-Stages, and each one grants a different appearance model (small, medium, huge). Each life-stage is associated with a particular level range: 1-6 for small ('Sproutling'), 7-9 (Medium), and 10+ (Elder). Each life-stage grants different subrace abilities.

How does one advance from one life-stage to another?

Progressing to the next highest life-stage is not only a matter of simply gaining the necessary XP. Instead, Myconid PCs must acquire the necessary rare nutrients and spiritual essence of another Myconid PC - in essence, they must undertake the very sacred Ritual of Absorption and 'absorb' two other Myconids of their life-stage. Generally the Myconids consider absorption a very sacred and secret aspect of their culture - something often done between close friends or allies. When a Myconid PC absorbs another PC Myconid, that Myconid PC is permanently gone - however, to some extent elements of the absorbed PC should be reflected in the absorbing Myconid's personality. Absorption can be performed on willing participants as part of a sacred ritual, OR it can be done on an unwilling, subdued Myconid victim - this is an evil act, though, and completely forbidden by Myconid tradition. Naturally, rogue and evil Myconids do sometimes exist.

So what is the standard Myconid Story?

Due to overpopulation in Mycopolis, Myconid PCs are being sent out into the wider Underdark to establish a new grove/Myconid Colony. They will do this through the Monster Lair system which has been set up for them. Myconid PCs must thus go around the Underdark and collect the necessary material to slowly grow their Grove and turn it into a true Myconid Colony. Of course, the Underdark is a dangerous place and establishing a new home will not be easy!

Myconid Stats:

Application required: Yes
Base Race: Half-Elf (adjusted to Vermin)
Preferred Alignment: LN, TN
XP: Special

All Myconids:
Bonus Feat: Armor Skin (For +2 AC)
Immunity: Critical Hits
Immunity: Death Magic
Immunity: Disease
Immunity: Fear
Immunity: Level/Ability Drain
Immunity: Mind-Affecting
Immunity: Paralysis
Immunity: Poison
Immunity: Confusion (Spell)
Immunity: Entangle (Spell)
Immunity: Stinking Cloud (Spell)
RA: Myconid (stinking cloud 1/day, cloud of bewilderment 1/day)
Light armor only

Myconid Sproutlings are small size with ability adjustments of -2 str, +2 con, -2 int, -2 cha.

Ability scores are adjusted appropriately as the Myconid progresses.

Myconid have stubby little hands that can't grasp standard weapons properly and so instead have bludgeoning creature weapons.

Myconid PCs are a monster race and, although not evil, may well be hunted and destroyed for what they are - survival challenge is part of the theme. Players of Myconids should expect a very different play-style; far from the town and only rarely interacting with the rest of the playerbase.


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on: September 10, 2014, 08:03:20 AM
Additional Information:

Druid, Ranger, Barbarian, Fighter are suitable classes for Myconids. Tribal themed sorcerers, bards, and clerics of Psilofyr are more unusual possibilities.

Most Myconids are relatively peaceful, contemplative, and shy. They are suspicious of outsiders and highly cautious in their dealings with them.

In EFU spore-communication/telepathy is not scripted and not supported. Myconids should therefore be considered as using vocal communication with the additional use of emotes about puffing spores to communicate intangibles with other Myconids. In order to reflect their curious and stilted communication style it has long been the EFU tradition that dashes are placed in between words when a Myconid speaks (please see Mycopolis Myconid NPCs for examples).

This subrace is closely tied to the idea of developing and expanding the Myconid Grove, of which there is currently only one available to all Myconid PCs (but can be shared if IC'ly appropriate).

As the Grove is expanded and developed, it begins to produce special Myconid-themed loot objects that can be used, traded, or given away as appropriate.