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Correspondence / Amadeus
October 29, 2023, 03:27:50 AM
[A note is left folded rather neatly in the creep, addressed to "Amadeus"]

You have done well to avoid the pitfalls of the lesser and disloyal companions who followed their own ways and thus died for it.

The Sacrament of Severence has chosen The Magi- there is to be a divination. The Night will require reagents of significance, If you are so able to provide for what is required, using your discretion, then we can proceed with the Sacrament.

[There is no signature, only a touch of tenebrous and coiling shadow marks it.]
General Discussion / Re: DM Appreciation Day - Abala
October 23, 2023, 03:17:21 PM
No one compares
Correspondence / Sergeant Radislav
October 19, 2023, 05:28:07 PM
[A nondescript envelope is left on the desk of the Fourth Legion during busy hours, marked only to the Sergeant.]

You who has slaved yourself to the most terrible lie, Justice, through the Wroth- you are marked.

Know that our salvation from the Wheel will be through the unshackling of our souls from your Butcher God and all the others of the Wheel. It is through you that I will smite the Wroth, and tear his sin from my flesh.

Sing your praises to your Lord while breath still fills your lungs, he will still not provide anodyne for what is to become of both of us.

[There is no signature]
Accomplishment achieved, Two souls who have heard the song of freedom from the Wheel. Whether they are weal or woe for my noble purpose remains to be seen.

There is little else to report on.. my hands are few but my works are many. I suspect the Stargazer has designs on some manner of work, his connections have placed profane things in his possession and he WILL use them. Perhaps we will require the work of an alchemist, but discretion is hard enough to curry in the sane.. and who but the mad would dabble in the works of the world like as the Alchemists do?

Things I hope to accomplish

* Open the eyes of at least one other person, get them to see that there is a path that leads to freedom from the wheel's suffering.
* Acquire a voice for myself
* Deface an altar of the Wheel
* Commission an alchemist capable of the highest level of secrecy.
Notices and Bulletins / Re: The Turning of the Wheel
October 04, 2023, 09:18:55 PM
The Wanderer's roads are long and dangerous, bidding your thirst and exhaustion to overwhelm your soul and body.

The Wyld's flora and fauna are offered knowing that you must rely on them just to survive the terrible curse of hunger, or be consumed by them in turn.

The corruption at the heart of the wheel is deep, indeed- so deep as to be the foundations of the world. Their Wheel turns and their dominion over you grows further still..

The Magi's knowledge is writ in enochian script and buried in the world, to keep all the secrets to your salvation hidden from you. A cruel game he plays as Riddler for the masses who cannot understand his rules.

The Sabotage's shadows blanket the world and with their hand they erode the foundations of men and all their works as they strive to build something better.

The very spirit of learning itself is sealed and toyed with by the Archons, for whatever revelations you may learn there will be the Night to obscure from you even more. The Wheel turns and their dominion over you grows further and further..

The Martyr's deception is the twinned god's damnation of us all; for we are born weak and fragile and live our lives under their tyranny only at last to be offered 'peace' from this pain through the blessing of Death. For our death they shall secret away the life's flame into the sky to forever power their Wheel.

At last the Wheel spins full, and with its turning the very SUN lights up and their greatest evil they give to us is born: The scorching rays of Pra'raj.

The Wheel's turning empowers its patsy sun to distract us from their deceptions, their conspiracy to ruin your lives for all times.
The tenets of the Archon of the Void do not care for the actions I take here by putting ink to parchment and making my secrets last beyond my voice. Still I trust it will continue to lend me its power despite this infraction.

I've been to this place now, Ephia's Well, for a month or so- It is revolting. They are all so foolish and small-minded, they shackle themselves to the great enemy's Wheel and dance to their tune as if there is any hope left for them in the ash.

I do not fault them, for they are blameless. Led astray by the evil things that reside beyond- who have orchestrated all their failings. It took me many months to decipher the meaning left by their works, half-dead in the sand and staring at the black curtain of night and its trillion stars.

I realize I have begun rambling. Following will be more important information.

Things I have accomplished

* Spread the word of Elysium, the Empyrean home that lays beyond the boundary, the one hope for freedom.
* Visited the Shrine of the Archon who has allowed me to use their powers in tearing down the Wheel.
* Attempted (With some measure of success and failure) to leash the Astrologer to sanity. I suspect he is being influenced by more than just stars...

Things I hope to accomplish

* Open the eyes of at least one other person, get them to see that there is a path that leads to freedom from the wheel's suffering.
* Acquire a voice for myself
* Deface an altar of the Wheel

Notices and Bulletins / The Turning of the Wheel
October 02, 2023, 01:17:18 AM
You are not at fault for the evils that plague you.

It is The Wheel that is turned by the machinations of the archons, who would have you worship them as GOD, that has writ your ruin into the world

The Wyrm's venom is in the blood of you and your fathers and their fathers- It enfeebles your flesh, makes you vulnerable.

The Mother's water that you so eagerly drink for comfort and life- It befuddles your mind, confuses you and leads you astray.

Having cursed your mind and body they turn their Wheel again and again, their dominion over you growing,.

The Warrior's Glory is promised to you, the honor of victory- If you slay your fellow man and pillage their homes and raze their cities to ash thickened with blood.

The Wroth's stirs your heart with thoughts of violence and brutality, to turn on your kith and kin with the lie of "Justice"

Still the Wheel turns again and again, their dominion over you growing..