Author Topic: Greyshroom Stalk equipment conflict  (Read 308 times)

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on: December 18, 2018, 09:43:14 AM
The offending equipment seems to be a trio of
-Greyshroom Stalk (Weapon slot)
-Dangly Hoop Earrings (Cloak slot)
-Neckchain of the Innate (Necklace slot)

Both earrings and neckchain don't allow head slot, and the earrings also prevents cloaks. (Odd considering it IS the cloak item, but that's not the bug)

When the Stalk is the last piece equipped it doesn't work correctly, acting as though I was using a disabled slot. When the Stalk is the first or second of those three it functions normally.

I also tested on another no damage weapon, and a set pair of weapons with no problems.