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Purge of Bonus 0th level spells and Cantrip Wands

Started by Dillusionist

Reporting Exploitable Bugs

Started by Arkov

Fixing Hitboxes

Started by Dillusionist

How to report a bug

Started by Cruzel

Lag or connection issues

Started by Paha

Known Issues

Started by Howlando

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Eldritch Archer: Charm Person Arrow

Started by Scumlord Spiffy

fighter perk Executioner - whirlwind useable

Started by sankarul

Halfling Domain Turn Undead

Started by Octarine

Explorables that close/disappear upon completion and exiting will destroy summon

Started by christina04

Small Rod of the Golden Catch not working as a fishing rod.

Started by eru

Theo the Lion Cub - Gladiator

Started by One_With_Nature

Infect gang member alignment

Started by VanillaPudding

Thug rage duration increase does not apply to Furor effects.

Started by Astegard

GSF Necromancy Phantoms of Deception

Started by 1dboy

Automatic spawn point setting still applying?

Started by NightyNightSleepTight

Ooze Savant + Augment Familiar

Started by KreShar

Fisher Coric in the Burgage does not buy fish

Started by Conveymancer

Stinking Mask

Started by KreShar

Quality of Life with Temporary AC

Started by LoveLess


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