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Purge of Bonus 0th level spells and Cantrip Wands

Started by Dillusionist

Reporting Exploitable Bugs

Started by Arkov

Fixing Hitboxes

Started by Dillusionist

How to report a bug

Started by Cruzel

Lag or connection issues

Started by Paha

Known Issues

Started by Howlando

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Tasha's can't be reapplied

Started by Renouncer

Charm Person causes dominated enemies to attack allies flatfooted

Started by Diabl0658

Multiclass clerics

Started by Mia

Quest - The Frozen Inferno

Started by Dredi

Ashen Mirage level 8 token not granted

Started by CorstoTerrore

Crystal Seam Novice

Started by SeerofLight

Bestow Curse

Started by Infra

Zoo quest faction bug

Started by KreShar

Spring Attack feat

Started by equalizer

Zealous Faith Magic Weapon

Started by Charnelist

Please fix Groater's Tune description in script messages

Started by Eraamion

Virulent Bomb: No longer working

Started by Empress of Neon

Summon Swarm: Intentionally high summon cost?

Started by Empress of Neon

Bug: Virulent PC Deaths

Started by Empress of Neon


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