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Fixing Hitboxes

Started by Dillusionist

How to report a bug

Started by Cruzel

Reporting Exploitable Bugs

Started by Arkov

Purge of Bonus 0th level spells and Cantrip Wands

Started by Dillusionist

Lag or connection issues

Started by Paha

Known Issues

Started by Howlando

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The Statue of Judgement

Started by Loops

Recovering from bleeding, unable to move or use items

Started by Anonymous Lemur

Cave of the Grandfather Quest

Started by Bearic

Bugged Gladiator Fight - Madmouth Kleotrax the IV

Started by crestfallen

Planar Bundle fails to unpack

Started by Ectheledhel

Market Stalls : Relics

Started by RichÝrd

Transfering herbs between healing kits

Started by Thorny

GSF Evocation - Cold

Started by HelenOfTroy

Bounty - Skinnable Creatures

Started by RichÝrd

Lord Darkskull boss bug?

Started by Blue41

Ranger Movespeed in Sunpurse Plate

Started by Grouch

Nephezar Blood Testing

Started by MAGIC

Cheap bottles at Naoli

Started by Mia

Combat Dummies

Started by Cruzel


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