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Purge of Bonus 0th level spells and Cantrip Wands

Started by Dillusionist

Fixing Hitboxes

Started by Dillusionist

How to report a bug

Started by Cruzel

Reporting Exploitable Bugs

Started by Arkov

Lag or connection issues

Started by Paha

Known Issues

Started by Howlando

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Uncle Worns Secret Potion Soup

Started by Dredi

Armor Bonus

Started by Stranger

Wormsight Planar Sickness

Started by Stranger

Pillar in 96

Started by putrid_plum

LEsser Planar Binding Duration

Started by Dredi

Prospectors Guild Favour: Not Working

Started by Caedo Geist

Flurry of Blows toggle

Started by Jello!

Halfling Domain Turn: Champion the Smallfolk

Started by Wilmington

Sound burst; Will save vs. stun

Started by Auri

Burning bolt scroll wrong spell

Started by Astegard

Broken Bundles

Started by Dredi

Fire domain turn: Wildfire

Started by sankarul

Druid ritual 94 no "stop the ritual" spawning

Started by Astegard

Air Domain Turn: Flurry

Started by Flagon


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