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Fixing Hitboxes

Started by Dillusionist

Purge of Bonus 0th level spells and Cantrip Wands

Started by Dillusionist

How to report a bug

Started by Cruzel

Reporting Exploitable Bugs

Started by Arkov

Lag or connection issues

Started by Paha

Known Issues

Started by Howlando

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Lesser Planar Binding, duration different than stated in wiki

Started by Eraamion

Feeding negative energy potions to Undead makes you drink it.

Started by zerotje

Animate Dead didn't persist / has a duration

Started by zerotje

Maid Midgewort not giving an item anymore

Started by Torrance

Wand Bug

Started by wundyboy

Good Domain Bugs

Started by RichÝrd

Horizikaul's Shout, does acid damage

Started by Astegard

Dispels and +Caster Level

Started by MAGIC

Liquid Alter Self

Started by Scrappa-yeti

Minor Globe

Started by MAGIC

Vagabond light armour bonus bug

Started by Mia

Rebel perk bandit NPC neutrality doesnt work for all relevant NPCs

Started by zerotje

Mongrelwood Door

Started by Scrappa-yeti

Drips Alchemy Lab Quest (Potion Monster)

Started by Ba7Purin


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