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on: August 07, 2019, 01:38:38 AM
First off I know many in this community may not know me very well but I've been playing on the server since the middle of February this year. I've played a small slew of 'off side-characters' and three characters that I would call my main ones.  I enjoyed the early days on the server as Dagna Alestorm a dwarven lass who's just there to kick ass and protect her friends. To Stannis Ironblood a man searching to prove himself to become an arbiter and Drake Gaslon a man who was tossed around the peerage houses like a ball.

I had a lot of fuck ups and both of my 'main characters' deaths were on me and 100% awesome regardless. This server has SO much to offer and I feel like the past two months I've done my current character Drake a dis-service by not being able to dedicate time to EFU like I had with both Dagna and Stannis.  This server is really amazing. When a friend of mine recommended it to me, at the time they were involved with a lot of other storylines and I knew that it was likely we'd not get to play with each other and still I had a blast!!

The people in this community are top notch.  I've made new friends here. Found small sections of the server to carve a path of adventures together and the way story lines change how our characters interacted was amazing to me.

Every server has flaws but if I'm honest for me personally there weren't that many worth mentioning. Because in the end whatever grievance I may've had came down to character choices, which is an IC thing to be handled IC  or an EE which can't really be prevented.

Ultimately, I've not had the chance to pour myself into Drake currently. With life interrupting my play time this summer and holiday season just around the corner I thought it I should formally announce a break. I'm not gone forever and though this may've read like a 'goodbye/breakup note' I wanted to make it clear that nothing that the server, staff or players have done are influencing this choice. It's solely a choice because I feel I can't play as much as I want and that my time OOCly has to be spent elsewhere.

So the TLDR; Server's great. Life sucks sometimes. GTG will be back.
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on: August 07, 2019, 01:54:48 AM
take care man, life comes first, server will miss you while you're gone :)