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on: September 23, 2019, 02:11:14 PM
'I have nothing left,í said she. íThen say you will give me,í said the little man, íthe first little child...'

í"Merrily the feast Iíll make.
  Today Iíll brew, tomorrow bake;
  Merrily Iíll dance and sing,
  For next day will a stranger bring.
  Little does my lady dream
  Rumpelstiltskin is my name!"í

Zymiar Ghrum was designed to be a spiritual extension of my first EFUV PC which was a Changeling Beggar named Shart who infiltrated the Beggar's Guild. However with the server so new when we launched the new chapter there wasn't really the "CHANGELING HATE" vibe going around. Many months and more setting development later I really wanted to dip into the intrigue laden world of mischief and chaos and changelings and the idea of what a true threat they can be to the realm so after some time came up with a new plan.

The best way I could think t do that was to try and make a habitually rhyming, manic and menacing Cannibalistic Rumplestiltskin type PC.
Once the drunken mercenary veneer heavy bluff was taken away there was a lot of violence, a bunch of word play, and some really fun stuff all in the pursuit of his currency: Stone Babies from the Planar Bazaar.

I was thrilled to have two PCs in the peerage deliver them to me for my PRC ritual, and that I could lay the seeds for more throughout the module.

However at this time things aren't quite catching how I was hoping they would, things looking better on paper than in practice in my RP, and I want to play things in a different direction on a new PC.


Hailing from the mainland and a circle where his more lawful band lost out to a more hardline chaotic force Zymiar Ghrum fled to be a Rogue Druid traveling both caravan routes and sea-lanes.  The more he interacting with society the more contempt he had for the notion of civilized life and the easily bought and purchased sellsword. Men who would for but a few rocks betray their ideals and goals. So he took a fanatical stance where if his word was given, it was bound beyond all question and the very foundation of his work was the druidic "Oath" and parlaying that into the idea of Mercenary work based on Oaths rather than Rewards. Unlike others adapting by trying to shirk society and live in a hovel he'd put on his masquerade of what he thought society was. Feckless sellswords sitting in taverns all day drinking heavily and doing backroom deals.

Using that as a foot in the door to begin crafting dark fantasy Fae style deals reminding why it's unsafe to trust a friendly face in an unfriendly place.

It was super fun to get to make shady deals with PCs in the peerage to deliver me stone babies, and while I was setting up shop anew in Ticker Square with a few other deals semi-sealed but nothing set in stone (pun intended).

I'd like to give huge thanks to Akke for on a lark hiring a level 5 PC to go through the King's Tournament as a third.

Also to Xvim for being a terrifying (If only a few times met) and paranoid inducing presence for any shady dealing changeling. Anytime we met in secret people were whispering or casting or fearful to the max which made playing a changeling in the peerage all the more fun.

And Dill for the awesome event where we ran counter the big peerage banner ceremony and my skin went to lure people into a trap while I fled away into the wilds to recover from the magical transformation.

Lastly  both Loveless and Mannykins for taking the gamble and going for the mercenary ride after our fun IC drinking sessions. No small part of me missed the Royal Spaniels being freelance mercenaries for House Savary and I kind of regret I put so early in my app I was going to infiltrate House Orza before I even made the PC. I should have let IC things shape the infiltration and chosen the house based on that. Live and learn.

Ratter's Guld

Put the White Pants Changeling next to the Inquisitor in the King's Magic Contest [gulp]

Savary Muscle


Spaniel Recruit

Orza Glamour

Shaking Down even in Orza

Lord of Brambles

While the Peerage Celebrates the Mongrels work...

While DIllusionist used my skinsuit to call a sending for an event, I sat level 2 in a tower sipping tea

The second time in an hour I was very, very, very nearly caught. Some of my most fun on EFU in a while

Playing Waitress and choosing my next mark at the Phalanxia (Vargot, who kept drinking all my Giant Bee Mead)

Using Vargot to crack ring 95 a twist of fate brought a very touching moment between Spaniel Dinzae and his now Dwarf captain as they shared a bottle of wine (And my subsequent sabotage of the peerage/bulwark peace talks)...

Learning how to commune with the Dwarven Ancestors...

Infiltrating Ticker Square with ~fashion~


To rhyme in verse without rehearse...
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on: September 23, 2019, 02:48:55 PM
Heard of his many exploits, never got to truly meet him! Splendid. Good luck on your next!
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on: September 23, 2019, 03:09:46 PM
I wondered where that waitress went after the event.

I suppose I should look at peoples names more.


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on: September 23, 2019, 03:16:41 PM
Waking up to a M. Night Shyamalan twist one morning was one of the many downsides of not playing in the same timezone as you, but being even vaguely associated with Ghrum made things 100x more interesting than they otherwise would've been.

Thanks for taking me on board, really enjoyed our brief foray.


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on: September 23, 2019, 04:42:51 PM
Ghrum was very fun! A rollercoaster of very awesome interactions from their first meeting as ex-ratcatcher and rat to marquis shakedowns to stone baby deals to various shifter personas that seemed to REALLY dislike wolf wives and changelings ;)

Really excited to see what the next one brings!


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on: September 27, 2019, 06:14:18 AM
I'll miss just randomly showing up to things and the weirdness that Ghrum let Dinaze see. Then just waved it off with a lie that he just shrugged away.