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on: December 23, 2020, 02:42:17 PM
As most know I practice sword fighting in NWN and also IRL. This thread is for the sharing of some of those videos! My group is still new to HEMA/Escrima/Kendo. A couple of the guys in our group are experienced and helping the rest of us, but otherwise it's mostly amateur. We fight unarmored at the moment, but as time goes by we'll continue to upgrade to more protective gear so as to be able to dial up the intensity. We alternate between Scimitar, Rapier + Buckler, Spear, Broadsword and Longsword.  We also alternate between steel swords and training wasters due to cost, but are continuing to upgrade our armory all the time. We're based out of Denver Colorado - The Mile High Sword Fighters. We have a dojo that we rent out every Sunday for training.

Escrima - Single Stick

Steel Broadsword with my Mrs.

Scimitar vs 'Batman' xD

Batman Scimitar 2

Steel Bastard swords

Steel Bastard Sword vs Viking Broadsword

I'll continue to upload here as more videos come! Hope you guys enjoy it!

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