Prominent Figure: High Priestess Mari Blacke

Started by AsheandCinders, September 13, 2023, 04:06:33 PM

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Mari Blacke
Titles: High Priestess of the Sabotage
Status: Deceased

Summary: As befitting her station, little can be said of High Priestess Blacke before her arrival at Ephia's Well. One of many struggling, starving refugees of the old world, Blacke was uniquely blessed by the intervention of the Sabotage. Hidden from Hunger, thirst, and the dangers of the ash desert she was guided to the gates of the Well and to a new beginning.

Blacke has always been a slightly divisive figure, an open and candid worshipper of the sabotage being something near unheard of even among her rare but prominent temples in Baz'eel, but she has never failed to portray herself as a spiritual guide to the masses and a firm proponent of proper reverance for the wheel.

Named as a Magistrate multiple times for multiple legates, she came to the most prominence when her backroom deals with former Legate Sol Auk led to the Dedication of the Stele in the Sabotage's name. During the weeks of chaos and misfortune that followed the now High Priestess was an Anchor, offering succor in the form of the Sabotage's indifference to those who gave proper tithe. It was these tithes that gave rise to the Sabotage's temple, the Hall of Star and Revel, now sitting across from the Krak des Roses.

Her political ambitions rose ever higher as she campaigned for Legateship of the Well for the Gold League in the Tabbah election, though lost by 9 votes to the short lived Legate Almirah. In the wake of this lost she took a more behind the scenes role, her loyalties shifting briefly to the League of White before settling once more within her usual Gold.

Now the High Priestess continues as she always has, as a leader of her faith, as a spiritual guide, and as a bastion of reverence and a firm opponent of impeity and heresy. She invites all who find themselves lost or unsure in matters of life and faith to seek her, and the word of the Sabotage she brings.

Disclosure Statement: High Priestess Mari Blacke was put forth by her fellow faithful, Soliana Silden, along with a charitable donation of 3000 dinari. The High Priestess herself donated 1000 Dinari for her consideration. This generous charity was divided among the Scribes of the Sublime Garden


QuoteMari Blacke was Tried, Condemned, and Executed as an Agent of Dreaded Qa'im, aiding them by providing Surveillance information.

Her Record remains here for Postetity, but let her Crimes against the Sultanate and the Well never be Forgotten.