Prominent Figure: Legate Domhnall Guivarch

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Legate Domhnall Guivarch

Status: Retired

Ancient forests, meandering rivers and verdant plains. Such were the surroundings of the priory in which Legate Domhnall Guivarch was raised in. The kindly friars taught him song, and the importance of aiding those that need it most. Upon reaching adulthood, he left his home behind, and found himself in the Great Ash Desert. Tales of safety guided him towards one of the last remaining sancturies amongst the wastes.

As he arrived to Ephia's Well, Legate Guivarch did what many refugees do, and took to worming. The work was humbling, and brought him face to face with the strenuous realities of the Well. During a search for further employment opportunities, he was wounded by a slithering spawn of the Wyrm. The near-fatal encounter introduced him to Apothar Mae Stern, who was able to treat the vile toxins that surged through the future Legate's veins. Apothar Stern introduced Legate Guivarch to her fellows in the League of White, such as Sister Hypatia. The two inducted him into the League, which acted as a foundation for his political activities.

Since then, these activities have been numerous and prolific. The young Legate has made plentiful contributions towards the Tablet's clinic, both under its original ownership by Agu Cantam, and its current form as the Alcove of the Well, under Lucrecia Allaire. Perhaps inspired by the religious tutelage given to him by his dear friend, Averroes Tashfin, Legate Guivarch also contributes to the Wheel House, a sanctum where the clergy of the Wheel can meet to discuss matters of faith. From his press, he publishes the Wellwater, a newsletter that has informed Ephians of Asterabadian philosophy, and simple yet delicious recipes.

Legate Guivarch was elected to the First Seat on Tesrin Hray 13h, his second attempt for Legateship. Since then, his term has proved eventful and controversial, amidst a number of curious occurrences. While his changes to licensure attracted the ire of some, most were more curious of the visions that the strange entity known as the Glop presented him with. As the Speaker for the Glop, Legate Guivarch was able to coordinate an emergency operation to Red Hill, where the brave bunch of heroes was able to rescue six children, deep in the throes of the Blood Plague. Today, the children are healthy and well, under the loving care of the Cinquefoil Rose.

The young Legate's cabinet has seen many changes, perhaps as an attempt to fill a Squeev-shaped hole. Magistrate Odmaus Squeev, a true man of the people, was an unifying force, capable of uniting the partite League of White. Magistrate Squeev's murder, a true tragedy, left the young Legate with a most problematic situation, as the League of White returned to its usual disunity.

Now, in Subat, Legate Guivarch sets his eyes towards re-election. Will he be able to do so, amidst a veritable sea of controversies, or shall he be returning to the League of White as a coordinator? Will he be able to fulfill the Ten Promises, or shall they be forgotten, and join countless other unconcluded political promises in a shared bed of ash?

Legate Guivarch was granted the status of a prominent figure by merit of becoming Legate. However, he further donated a charitable 600 dinari to aid the work of the Scribes of the Sublime Garden.

Fabulous Secret Powers

QuoteLegate Domhnall Guivarch was re-elected to the First Seat on Adar 9th, with 42 votes. A narrow victory, as his most considerable contender, Magistrate Sephidra Niridhe, received 38. The election was a contentious affair, leaving many active partakers weary over their laborious efforts. Legate Guivarch's reinauguration was a lively occasion, yet was unfortunately interrupted by the usual strange occurrences of Ephia's Well. Some noted the absence of representatives from the Royal Family during the ceremony.

Fabulous Secret Powers

QuoteThough the outset of Legate Guivarch's second term was marked by an abundance of scandals, the remainder was a curious season of silent absence, occasionally interrupted by a surge of incomprehensible behavior. Rumors of addiction, alongside whispers about the maddening influence of the mysterious Glop, surrounded this latter half of his time in the First Seat. The addled Legate resurfaced for one last time on Iyar 16th, to deliver a volatile speech, rife with the usual controversy that the Lily Legate had a penchant for. In a show that could only be described as simultaenously baffling and humiliating, Legate Guivarch disappeared from public life, to "join the worms", wherever they might be.