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on: June 07, 2014, 11:47:30 AM
This forum is oriented on player-created content built in the toolset for EFU. It is for players to discuss and help among themselves different ideas and areas that could be used to expand the module. Keep a civil tone and keep any critics constructive.

Some helpful guidelines for this forum:

  • Stick to one thread for each contribution or discussion of an issue. Stay on topic.
  • While you can request help of each other, do not expect DMs to chime in and answer questions. Although some may reply out of interest, this is not a forum for you to request aid from us.
  • Do not discuss areas or features which are already a part of EFU. Err on the side of not spoiling anything.
  • Help each other out constructively, offering suggestions for improvements but never tearing down suggestions because you think they are no good. We appreciate the efforts of contributors, even if the ideas are not what we want.
  • We make no guarantees that anything put forward will be implemented.
  • Keep the contributions serious.

We are testing this forum out as an experiment. There is no guarantee it will remain if it does not work out.

A few tips for building:

  • The two main contributions we seek from players are quest areas and exploration areas.

Quest areas:
  • ... are one or a few areas linked together to form a seamless dungeon with its own unique story and loot.
  • Know what level range and party size you aim for. Most of the time you will not know it for sure until it has been tested.
  • If the quest is to have a boss, you will have to make it yourself. Unless it is meant to have unique monsters, just let us know what creatures is intended for the dungeon.
  • Put all the loot in containers somewhere in the area. Create one box for all the loot, and another box for any special loot (boss loot).
  • Keep things trim. Do not make sprawling areas.
  • Make the story for the quest. Why are the characters doing it? What happens at the end?

Exploration areas:
  • ... are large areas containing several smaller sections that each offer an exploration part. Think of the area as a cabinet with the drawers being the sections. One of them is opened up for exploration.
  • You can prepare each area completely with its loot in containers and monsters around. They are not meant to be done more than once in a reset.
  • Different areas can be linked together. Don't go overboard. Short and sweet is usually the best, where you can make each area be unique and flavorful.

  • Remember to use a unique resref for each area made. These are usually based on what you call the area. Even if you make the most amazing thing in the module it will be no good if its blueprint is called area001 -- overwriting or being written over by all the other additions coming from this forum.
  • Areas may seem small in the toolset but once you walk around it yourself you will realize that it is much bigger than it is. Keep things smart and lean. Less is more.
  • Try not to introduce many new palette additions that have to be added. We can fill in missing creatures from our own pool.
  • Remember to decorate the area with placeables. If you want special VFX'es on them, we can do it on our end when you are done. Don't go overboard.
  • Sound effects. Add them where appropriate. Crackling fire, streaming water, the lamentation of those come and gone. Select appropriate environmental music and combat music.
  • Anything that you wish to use efu-specific features can be added from our side at the end.

There is likely a lot more neat tips & tricks you guys will figure out. This is just to get it started. Best of luck!