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Suggestions / Monk: Fearless stance QoL
September 22, 2023, 09:03:03 AM
I would recommend that this stance removes any application of fear on activation. It is a little hard to know when to use this stance without already knowing if the quest or PC uses fear spells.
Suggestions / Cigar burn damage
September 22, 2023, 08:58:41 AM
Remove d6 damage from cigars (Add no damage) and add 1+ fire damage.
Meditations on Misfortune


Ferric Aseph
Correspondence / A Letter delivered to Guivarch's office
September 18, 2023, 12:28:44 AM
Dear Legate,

It has been some time- and in truth, I had almost forgotten you were there. But you were. You were there when she went into the ground, our dear exile. I hope you haven't forgotten her, and if you haven't, I would like to invite to come to the graveyard so we, the people who stood side by side as she departed this world, can remember her.

~ Soldier Aseph of the Fourth
Books and Publications of the Desert / Ideals of Order
September 08, 2023, 05:13:48 AM
Chapter 1: The Ideals of Order

It can be generally observed that tranquility and progress are found when there is stability. Stability in turn comes from the presence of maintained order, as when chaos is present, there is disruption. These observable facts apply to ourselves, to our communities, and to the greater world around us- thus the ideal of order is as follows:

By establishing and maintaining order, we find peace within ourselves and in our communities.

Suggestions / Water rewards
September 05, 2023, 07:21:16 PM
Could there be a static water reward added to board quests? Between the gloom and the general toughness of some quests, it would help out- especially when the quest itself might not drop any waters (looking at you pit of sacrifice).
Suggestions / Ice Drake needs rebalancing
July 18, 2023, 07:37:12 PM
Hey, so the ice drake quest is a bit much for a level 7 max- The group I went with crumpled immediately. It should either be made harder for level 9 max or it should be made easier for groups who contain levels 5-7 level characters. As it stands, I think this quest is more a level 9 max that was probably too easy, but is definitely too hard to be a level 7 max

Suggested changes for a level 7 max:
-Lower Kobold and Ice Drake Ab and AC
-Lower Freezing DC from Ice drake attacks

Suggestions / Better animal companions
June 14, 2023, 07:25:53 PM
 I would like to suggest that some of the more useless companions give passive buffs to their Ranger/Druids. This would provide more customization to ranger and Druid.

For example, while a ranger has their hawk  companion out, they get a buff to their spot and search equal their level. 

Suggestions for passive buffs:

*X: Level
Crocodile: 1+ deflection vs piercing
Dire Rat:  +X ms
Fox: + x/2 set trap,
Giant Spider:  +x/3 vs poison
Goat: 1+ fort, 5% ms
Hawk: +x spot
Hyena: +x/2 listen
Leopard: +x/2 hide
Lion: +x/2 search
Lizard: 10% fire immunity
Scarab: +x/2 vs disease
Tortoise: +1 natural ac
Viper: Use poison
Wild Dog:  1% physical immunity

Correspondence / A letter to Headmaster Gers
June 09, 2023, 06:01:30 PM
Greetings Headmaster,

In regards to the chair incident, I would like to ask for some specific details that I do not have related to the case.

- How much was each chair in cost exactly?
- Who, exactly, was the buyer of those chairs? Was it you or another of your guild?

Thank you for your assistance,
~ Janissary Aseph
Suggestions / More settlement attacks
June 07, 2023, 05:59:04 PM
First, I would like to say that I'm making this suggestion from a place of ignorance:
- I don't know how hard these things are to run
- I don't know what sort of toll it places in the server or dms
- And I don't know if there are other variables that further the difficulty of these sorts of events
- I have only been in server for a few weeks, so maybe they happen more often then I think

All that aside:
I think it would be great to see more large scale invasions on the surrounding gates/areas. I've always thought these invasions were fun to take part in and helped contribute to the flow of questing (i.e people die, lose their level, and need to spend time doing more mid-range or lower questing.).
Journals and Musings / Aseph's Orderly Journal
June 05, 2023, 03:37:30 PM
Journal entry 1
Order in All Things
I must confess that there has been an issue of late- that I have been neglectful in adhering to the principles of my own philosophy, and for reasons I did not expect. It has been my enjoyment for my work that has cause these issues, for I have been focusing far too much upon my duties as a Janissary and not enough oh myself- thus, resulting in a temporary imbalance within my life. While I love tending to my duties and working with my fellow soldiers, this imbalance will cause only suffering should I continue to indulge myself. It is through order in all things do we find peace within ourselves- that our suffering is prevented.
As such, I will be taking a slight step back from my work and make enough time for myself - after all, my fellow soldiers are quite capable. I can trust them to pick up on my slight slack.

Soldier Aseph writing,
I would like to ask feedback on a project I was thinking about undertaking with the Torchbearers. I want to ask them to construct a detailed map of the Well, the areas surrounding the Well, and the Gutters.  I believe these maps would be useful as we could use them to categorize our patrol routes; plan strategic movements for a variety of scenarios; and dividing the Well into sections so that we might improve response time to issues within and around our city.

If you agree that this project is of worth to the Fourth as a whole, would it be possible to allocate some of the garrison's funds to the creation of these maps? Of course, I do not mind using my own wages or personal funds for this as it is something I personally expect to be valuable- however, since I currently lack sufficient funds, it will delay the creation of these maps for a long while. 
Correspondence / A letter to Chancellor Isabella
May 29, 2023, 07:58:40 PM
Lady Veend,

I write to you now not as a Janissary, but as a loyal member to the league of purple - If  possible, I would like to request a public  listing of all current members. Doing this would allow us to see if there are any individuals who do not truly fit within our league and let us more effectively lobby together.

Live and Drink ,
Loyal Member Ferric Aseph
Fellow league  members,

It is my hope that you see these false members as I do- individuals with no respect for our tenets and merely signing their names upon our books in a base attempt to grab power for themselves.  They seek power for their own interests, not for the Well's- and our league was ever only a convenient vessel for them to achieve such power. It is thus that we ought expel these false members, for their very presence within our noble league goes against the spirit of the tenets we adhere to.

To this end, I place my signature upon this petition to formally request the false member TOLEIGH to be expelled from the League of Purple.


Janissary Ferric Aseph - Loyal member of the League of Purple
Suggestions / Revamp Search tool?
May 27, 2023, 09:07:27 PM
Would it be possible to make the "search pack" player tool to easier to use?  While it isn't necessarily impossible to use it as it was intended, the way that it provides a glimpse into another players pack is rather cumbersome for the searcher.  The large list of items it provides are usually all colored the same in text and it gets increasingly harder to sort out items that may be illegal from the rest of the pack depending  on how many items that player has.

The easiest solution I could think of was to recolor all illegal items names so they stand out among the mass, but I get that might not be practical.
Suggestions / Explorables
May 24, 2023, 12:50:16 AM
Suggestions / Suggested Monk Changes:
May 18, 2023, 07:56:23 PM
A) If possible, move Ki strike +1 to level 6, Empty body to level 10, and Quivering palm at 11

Ki Strike +1

This becomes useless after finding a +1 glove or having a caster use Magic weapon the monk. The worst thing this could do at level 6 is let a monk strike through ghostly visage. 

Empty Body 

A fitting reward for getting to level 10, while it seems perhaps a little strong at first glance, the duration is only 1 round per level, so you only get concealment for about a minute at most. Additionally, blind fight halves this into 25%. 

Quivering Palm

Past level 10 is app territory, so why not provide monks who make it this far with a 1/day instant death attack? Wizards, Druids, and Clerics all have instant kill spells at earlier or equal levels after all. 

B) Add some additional effects provided by the feat wholeness of body

Let wholeness of body provide 2 rounds of lesser sanctuary DC: 10 + level/2 + Wis mod base 


Let wholeness of body cast remove poison on monk
Suggestions / List of minor suggestions
May 17, 2023, 09:09:51 PM
1) Give half-elves a +1 to charisma and a +1 to dex. Balance it out with a -2 to con. I think this'll make playing a half elf more interesting to build for.

2) Make tailoring a Charisma based skill

3) Make Building, Mining, and Smithing strength based

4) Make Consecration a wisdom based skill
Correspondence / A message for the Torchbearers
May 03, 2023, 03:40:53 PM
A message left at the Krak for when the Torchbearers might pass through


I have seen your fliers around the city and would like to meet with one of your members to discuss my recruitment into your outfit.

When you are available, make a bellow for Aelar and we shall meet if I am able.
Suggestions / Feat suggestion - Powershot
April 26, 2023, 07:03:03 AM
As an alternative to rapid shot:

Feat: Powershot
Prerequisite: Point-blank shot

Effect: Active:  Taking your time, you focus and put all your effort into the impact of one shot. Forgo all extra attacks with your ranged weapon and increase the damage of your ranged attack by 5