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Started by Lannister, September 24, 2020, 04:54:27 PM

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Hey everyone,

So as a lot of you may already know, I have been working in a government games competition for the past few months called Tranzfuser.

Tranzfuser is designed to help find UK games talent and provide support to those who are trying to form their own game development companies.

All of the teams who participated are having their work shown off in a digital event called ProtoPlay, where the public can vote on which games they want to support/think are great.

If you want to help support me and you think my team deserves it, I'd really appreciate any votes. We're the Knights of Borria and our game is Rustbreaker

Link to our team page & game:

Link to voting page:

Thank you for any support you want to show and I hope you like our game.



You already got my vote. Hope you win!  :D


Played the game, defeated the legendary WRIGGLERS

Fun game and deserves the vote

I voted


Hi everyone!

Whilst we may have sadly lost the public vote for the public award(I think it was an amazon gift card?) on the ProtoPlay stream, we were actually selected by the UK Games Fund team as one of the four winners of the entire Tranzfuser programme!

What this means is my company will be funded to continue working on Rustbreaker!

Here is the announcement if you were interested in reading more:

Thanks to everyone who supported us and continues to do so :)