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OOC: Use of this forum

Started by Talir

Grand Table of Contents

Started by SkillFocuspwn

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EfU: City of Rings Skill Changes

Started by Pup

Short Primer on Player Tools, EFUSS uses and other systems

Started by Herr something Kerl

EFU Overrides

Started by shadesofblack

Diz-e's Magical Stylings - for Forums and EFUSL

Started by Diz-e


Started by Hound

All Recent EFU Haks and Overrides

Started by Demure

Guide: Dye Colours

Started by Aethereal

Making Custom Portraits

Started by Valo56

Combat Pitfalls: A Refresher Lesson

Started by PanamaLane

PC Plots and You: A rough guide

Started by Random_White_Guy

On faith, and your PC.

Started by Illuminus

List of IRC Channels

Started by Knight Of Pentacles

Quick Guide to Installing EFU

Started by Hound

Money, Cash, Dosh, Gold, Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Started by Random_White_Guy

Xenophobia and EFU

Started by Random_White_Guy

RP Languages

Started by NecronomiconV

EFU:Necronomicon - The Basics of Animating the Dead

Started by Diz-e

Getting Started in EfU:R

Started by Valo56


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