Diabl0658's inane questions for the DMs

Started by Diabl0658, June 14, 2021, 05:51:29 PM

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Ive decided from now on all my stupid questions will be asked here, instead of on discord. That way I dont end up pinging DMs who have notifications turned on for #ask-efu-dms.

I dont have a question right now, but later I probably will?


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If you were a druid and a member of the Bone Collector's Guild, would it be okay for you to set druid plants inside the Bone Collector's Guild? What leaving undead in the druid faction HQ?

If you have rogue levels, could you also stack traps with the druid plants that function as traps, or does that violate the trap rules?

How many undead can you free and leave inside of druid-grown plants before it's "too much"?

Mushroom Mushroom

Is a druid palemaster a viable class/prc combination?



Should I app if my character had a happy childhood?
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Can a largest size Halfling be roleplayed as a small human?


If I app to play as an animal, can I be a hobo druid who shapeshifts into a human to blend in with society and just barks at people?


How can clicking red be real if EFU isn't real?


Did Diablo bring us all together by trying to isolate himself?
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If I use a bomb, how big is the explosion?


If I turn this orphan into a bomb, how big is the explosion.
Is it always evil to use children in your bombs?
What about their souls? Is it evil to use their souls?


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Question 1: Are we allowed to dye clothes/helmet/cloak in order to make them look exactly like a well known existing uniform? For example, making a custom tailored suit that looks like a Royal Puzzlers Outfit, with a matching dyed cloak and helmet?


Question 2: Would it be against the rules to have an alt PC named "Steve the Tailor" who I only use to hold custom tailored suits, and then talks to the NPC tailors and uses the "model the clothing dummy after what im wearing" option, then logs off. I would then login with my main PC and purchase the custom tailored suit from the NPC.

Its really just to save me clicks on the tailoring menu.